Edmond & Camelia Coffey


Edmond serves as an Ephesian 4:11 ministry team elder. Married to Camelia for 50 years, he is father of four sons and one daughter; Robert, Jarrod, Daniel, Joel and Rosa Sharon. Both Edmond and Camelia were born and raised in Lakewood Heights, GA.

During his years as a professional entertainer, he came to Christ in 1972 and  has served 30+ years in Pastoral and gospel centered ministry. Edmond now holds a faculty position with Lafayette Christian School where he directs LCS orchestra. Camelia has enjoyed serving as school teacher and devoted mother during their seasoned years of marital and ministry covenant.

Edmond is an avid reader with a passion for  writing music and worship. He earned an Associate degree in Biblical Studies from Logos Bible College and Seminary in Florida.